Glacier valley floor

I love exploring nature. The big, wild, grand landscapes as well as the small, hidden worlds in nooks and crannies. And I love to watch what's on the ground. When traveling, you'll often find me laying or sitting on the ground, trying to capture the beauty there with my camera. (This can give funny comments and looks from passers-by.)

I'm truly fascinated by what you can find on nature's floors. I'm flabbergasted by the idea that beneath our feet, in a small handful of soil, live millions of tiny creatures. I love it when I'm working in the soil of the garden, and worms and other creatures appear. Each of them has its own value to the fertility of the soil.

The floor of this glacier valley looks dry. But there's life, everywhere you look. I love to take photos of the structures and little plants and animals. Tiny little worlds of their own.

And I would love to capture these little worlds with threads and fabrics and papers and beads and whatnots. I did give it a go before. Here's an example: where land and sea meet.

The project I'm sharing today is a little WIP hand stitched sample, inspired by the beautiful valley of the Ried (pronounce as "Reed") glacier in Switzerland.

The glacier itself has drastically shrunk. It used to be so much bigger, which you can tell by looking at the walls of the valley, when you're there.

(The text overlay I used for this photo above, is part of one of my French antique postcards. You can find it for your own personal use in the blog post HERE on AppleApricot's Freebies.)

Wishing you a beautiful sunny day!

xx Wen

Pins and Prunus

Hello dear friends,

When I shared my thoughts about the evolving in art style versus the blog, I got such sweet messages from you! Some of you say you have wandered away from the shabby romantic lace style as well. Some say a blog doesn't have to be one particular style or should not necessarily stick to one - a blog can evolve with your change of style. That it's important to listen where your heart leads you, and just see where that will bring you.

And I know there are also some of you that will miss the shabby romantic lace style here on AppleApricot. Well, I will always be a romantic at heart, so there will always be some kind of that in my arts and crafts I suppose. But probably with less lace and less vintage photos, if there will be any.

Pinterest investigation

Seen in this light, I got curious as to what exactly from this blog got the most repins on Pinterest. I mean, I had an idea about what might be liked about AppleApricot, but I could be so wrong! So I did a little investigation.

Turns out, in part I was right, but in part I definitely was wrong, haha! So the results somewhat surprised me. I thought you might be interested in the result of my little investigation as well. So here they are, the most repinned AppleApricot creations on Pinterest - in order of amount of repins:

By the way, I left out the DIYs and the freebies. From top left (first place) to bottom right:

Just a fun investigation to do for your own blog. I can highly recommend it!

But one thing is good to remember:
The outcome of an analysis as this doesn't necessarily mean you have to do something with it. I know that it is been said that it would be good to do more of what works best. But if that's not where your heart leads you, then please don't.

Well, this was a fun and clarifying thing to do.

Did you ever try something similar?

Wishing you a beautiful day!

xx Wen

PS: the Prunus photos... those beautiful branches are remnants of a drastic pruning of a tree a few streets from here. I couldn't help but take some with me and put them in a vase :) I shared the photos and the story earlier (in Dutch) on my blog AppelAbrikoos.

A pondering or two

My blog AppleApricot has reached its 5th anniversary last February, I just realized. A good moment to look back, chew on it for a moment or two, and then curiously look forward to what the future might hold. Or not.

Looking back I see:
* love received and given between blog friends
* wonderful and meaningful new friendships developed
* lots of inspiration received from watching the work of other creative explorers.

Looking back I also see:
* explorations in different styles, materials, and techniques.

 Which brings me to some of my pondering of late.

You see, if you have been following my out and abouts for a while, you know how I constantly wander off in quite different directions. Keeping track is not being mentioned in my dictionary, I'm afraid.

And since a while now, I noticed that I tend to wander away from the shabby romantic style with lots of lace, which I used to share here on AppleApricot. So, what's a girl to do?

Shall I just let AppleApricot wander with me on a different path? Or will I keep business here as usual? Will I still want to make things like I made before for AppleApricot? Or will I abandon it all together?

Honestly? I dunno.

Meanwhile, I keep on creating, taking photos, exploring and wandering, in whatever direction speaks to me at that moment.

So, if you don't find me here (which might be likely), may be you'll find me wandering around in one of these places:

Love A Rustic Life (for my nature inspired wanderings in photography and art)
Wen's Paint (for bright and bold explorations in paint)
AppelAbrikoos (for cheerful crocheting, illustrating, and gardening - and ramblings in Dutch)

And something that goes for all of these places, is a quote I love from Tif of Dottie Angel:

"Sometimes I'm here a lot,
sometimes I'm not."


Wishing you a wander-ful day!

xx Wen

Healing Garden

Hello sweet friends,

Sometimes you need to take time for healing. Sometimes you feel it coming, sometimes it's suddenly there. Or may be it was already there for a long time, but the signs were grossly ignored :)

I took up the paint brushes again. Painting to me is soothing. The mixing of colours, the layering, the way a painting evolves. Especially when I work with soothing colours, like these greens and blues I used for the painting above.

In the first layer I wrote down all the things of last year that I want to let go of. On top of that are many layers of paper collage, drawing, and paint. The blue flowers then contain things that I wish for in the coming year. Gentleness, stillness, peace, loving and caring, calm.

In the real world garden the weather has been cold.
One morning I woke up to see the garden covered in white.
Not snow, but beautiful frost.

A beautiful start of the new year.

And what will this year bring? I don't know yet. I will see where the flow brings me.

I do know though that I have to put the Simply Neutral parties on hold. They have been wonderful parties with beautiful entries by you. But for the moment I have to let go of them.

Sweet friends, I wish you a wonderful year, filled with love, gentleness and peace!

Big hugs,

xx Wen